The Black Musician Who Convinced Countless Klansmen to Quit the KKK

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Openhearted Rebellion

By Carey Wedler, Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA) As race proves to be an ongoing, paramount issue in American society, one black man is building bridges with the Ku Klux Klan.

Daryl Davis is a veteran musician who has played with legends like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. But over the last several decades, he has made a name for himself for his willingness to initiate dialogue with some of the most characteristically racist people in U.S. history.

He recounts a show he played in 1983, after which a KKK member approached him to compliment his skills, adding that he had “never heard a black pianist play like Jerry Lee Lewis.” To his disbelief, Davis informed him he was a friend of Lewis’.

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How To Recognize And Resist Manipulative People

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Openhearted Rebellion

By Morag, In5D.com

2016 has been the year the veils lifted. The political and economic manipulations of the cabal have been exposed. Jedi Knights like Bernie Sanders in the US and Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, whistleblowers, activists, artists, writers and musicians have shone a light into the depths of darkness the elite inhabit.

With rational rhetoric, honesty and compassion we have been shown the cold, hard truth that the power elite are manipulators, people who have an agenda. They are darkworkers, energy vampires who use other people as resources for their personal gain.

Following the 2008 ‘crash’ people, in shock and fear, listened and obeyed the directives from the elite. Eight years later the world has been waking up to the food weapon agenda, the pharmaceutical industries assault on our freedoms and the horrific attacks of basic human rights.

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YOU are the Blessed and the Blessing. You Are the Celebrated!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Holy heavens did the Solstice energies come in with a jack hammer effect on my blessed body.  My back, particularly where the tail bone meets the lumbar spine, it was close to unbearable.  But not constant, it came in waves and those waves made me want to cry from the discomfort plowing into my back.  Of course, my ass would sit down to alleviate the pressure I felt, which caused and outflow of massive energy thru my left hip.  This lasted the better part of the day, then left as fast as it came.  Nothing happens in my body, especially when it is so intense, that doesn’t leave me wondering… what the hell!!??  As I pondered, I remembered the body discomforts prior to all that happened with my mother.  All I could say was jesus, I have enough intense change this year to last me the next decade, thank you…

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James Gilliland Eceti.org 12-23-16… “Ascension Wave, Transdimensional War, Days to Come”

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Ten Frugal Lessons From The Amish

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Amish people and communities are unique in many ways. To most outsiders, they’re known mostly as soft-spoken people who live a simple life, don’t use electricity and don’t drive cars. They’ve also …

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backyard garden

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Paul Craig Roberts 12-20-16… “As the Coup Against Trump Fails, the Threat Against His Life Rises”

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US Native American x-mas history

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Christmas history in the US, and the Native Peoples.


Ending a Four Year Detour

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Freedom4humanity's Blog

Today is the winter solstice here in Canada. That moment in time when the sun is furthest south has already come and gone a few hours ago so our winter has begun and the days are now getting longer and longer.

I began my spiritual journey over a decade ago expecting a life altering shift to take place at the winter solstice of 2012, four years ago, but the dark highjacked humanity’s shared timeline using nefarious and malevolent methods and have taken all of humanity on a detour that has lasted four years and shows no signs of abating any time soon.

Looks can be deceiving and that is especially so at the present time when Trump and his personal form of narcissistic darkness is all the rage and the controlled media pretends all is as it should be. But do not be deceived; this four year detour is about…

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