The Ego – The Master of Matter!!

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I have been reading about manifesting, creating. Keep focusing on creating, attracting what you need. Have the thought of what you want, feel what you have it, joy, feel the emotion of joy, peace, happyness when you have it. Use your heart, and mind heart connection to create. Some one said that the thought, feeling emotion is the trinity of creating, that Essene’s used that. Also had the thought that maybe focus on healing your teeth by creating new one, regrowing the teeth. From what I understand we can heal ourselves in this way. We just need to work at it and remember that we can. Follow your heart in what to do, what is best for you.

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Ahhh duality, the under appreciated, undervalued gift of life.  We have two minds that absolutely MUST work together, in harmony with each other.  The soul mind and the ego mind.  The Master of energy and the Master of matter.  Both brilliant task masters.  Each very different from the other.  When the ego is hard at work, it is working in the base emotions, concentrated, diligent and purposeful. The soul mind, swings from the tree tops in deLight.  The soul mind is bringing all the particles of light together and funneling it to the ego, for use.

In the infancy of our new lives, the use is always a collective thing.  All-ways.  We have much to learn, to discern and disengage from, for it to be readily available to any one person, any one community.

I think yesterday was one of the greatest lessons to date, in understanding and truly valuing…

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