Cobra Update 5-29-17… “Cintamani Grid”

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New update from Cobra.

“Since my last Cintamani update, the Cintamani grid on the surface of the planet was strengthened significantly. Two pieces were strategically positioned on certain key points in Antarctica:

“Dedicated teams are positioning Cintamani stones in flower of life grid patterns in the most important key vortex points on the planet, such as Long Island:.. Since the first flower of life grids were completed in early 2017, east Asia has experienced a drastic increase of cloudship phenomenon:

“Cintamani grid around the planet is one of the major tools for manifesting the planetary Light grid. Whenever a Cintamani stone is planted in the soil somewhere around the planet, a huge angelic being is anchored in that spot, creating an energy vortex miles in diameter… When the critical mass of those angelic beings are anchored around the planet, the head of the Yaldaboth entity begins to dissolve.

“Stones that…

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From Corey Goode and Jimmy Church, regarding that “Another (apparent) ‘Attempt to Compromise’ Gaia, Corey Goode, David Wilcock” post (aka, “It’s the ENERGIES, baby!!)

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This is related to the earlier Kp blog post. Kind of sheds some more Light on this whole deal. What Corey and Jimmy wrote below certainly aligns with what I “got” about this.

As someone may (or may not) have said, “It’s the ENERGIES, baby!”

Found at SBA FB.

[CG] “Every since the disclosure of the “Antarctic Area 51”, we have seen more push back from TPTB than from any other info I have released… I was… told that nearly every [TPTB] asset in the UFO Community has been activated. They are mostly self-identifying currently.

“I was told the CIA’s “Fake News” model has been so successful, they are now using the “big lie” method to divide this community more than it already was. These people are out of control… They are now attacking fans… viciously. They behave exactly like Troll’s…These energetic changes are causing…

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When Disclosure Serves Secrecy

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This is an old article, but still a relevant article which Dr. Steven Greer has recently re-issued. So I have decided to repost it with some commentary.

I usually don’t agree with everything Dr. Greer says, but I do respect his work, and this article raises some very important warnings about the Disclosure movement. While I feel Dr. Greer is correct in his assessment below, I feel that assessment is based upon the wrong reasoning.

Dr. Greer is pretty adamant in his belief that evil, negative, or service-to-self extraterrestrials do not exist. This belief may be based upon an erroneous assumption that a self-serving race of beings needs to evolve past their inherent tendency for malicious destruction to become an advanced space faring civilization. Furthermore, he gives this opinion an extreme Social Justice Warrior flavor by labeling any discussion of evil reptilian or gray extraterrestrials as basically xenophobic or racist.

Now according to many sources, not all reptilians are evil. There are some very advanced benevolent reptilians in our galaxy.  A Dark or Light orientation/polarity is…

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New Book: “The Case for a Secret Space Program” ft Dr. Wood, Dr. Salla, Bill Tompkins, & Corey Goode ~ May 28, 2017

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I’ve heard a lot about the Secret Space Program, but don’t know much behind the basic premise (which has been sucking up ALL of our tax dollars). Jordan Sather, who is a gifted analyst for spiritual matters, is now teaming up with four knowledgeable men in space technology who all have their own “pieces of the puzzle” to contribute to the saga of the Secret Space Program.

The topic of the Secret Space Program has been fraught with being presented in an unorganized manner. I mean…who should we actually listen too?

That’s where Jordan Sather comes in, who has the ability to combine the various pieces from various sources, into a straight discernible line of information. So…stay tuned, let’s see what kind of information this book yields, and…


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blossom, channeling

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Contact in the Desert 2017… A “Debriefing” with Justin and Teresa…

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Just watched this and felt it was to be shared. They also brought up the August “Unity in the [Cosmic] Community” same-time-as-the-solar-eclipse event coming up in Mt. Shasta in August. As I understand, Corey Goode is arranging that one.

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Contact in the Desert 2017 – Interview with Justin Deschamps of Stillness in the Storm ~ May 24, 2017

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Source: Contact in the Desert 2017 – Interview with Justin Deschamps of Stillness in the Storm ~ May 24, 2017

Kp (extremely limited) notes on David Wilcock 5-22-17 Intensive

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Well, “extremely limited” means “hardly any” (hey, I was photo-ing his slides so it was tough to switch between notes and camera), but maybe these will spark an Inner Point for further research.

And may or may not add to what Joan’s notes include.

[Posted from sideways (horizontal) position in bed… resting.]


Dna absorbs photons.

Veggies organic have photons more per sq in. Than human skin.

Vegan not so good. Still need sone animal products. Ghee is good.

There’s protein (gleadin) added to wheat. ADM scientists directed to weaponise food.

gleadin = excitotoxin

Movie “Fed Up” Katie Couric

Get rid of wheat and sugar.

Eggs good, ethically grown meats, bison are required to be raised ethically

Touchdown ascension… Individual goes to rainbow body.
Field goal ascension… Dragnet that scoops everyone up

Jesuits have 25% alien DNA

Golden Race = We all get Light bodies

Halo = Stargate

Roman Empire…

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Joan’s Notes from David Wilcock Intensive 5-22-17… “Weaponized Food, High-Vibrational Diet, and the Mechanism of Cancer”

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Just saw this. This covers the “food portion” of DWs talk. More excellent notes. Please go to her FB posting to see her photos.

Once again, thank you Joan Wheaton for your marvelous notes!!


“Weaponized Food, High-Vibrational Diet, and the Mechanism of Cancer”

HIGHLIGHTS from my Notes from DAVID WILCOCK’S INTENSIVE at ‘Contact in the Desert’…this post focuses on the part of this talk concerning health and healing…

…our food has been intentionally ‘weaponized” since the 1970’s…a protein called Gliadin had been added to wheat to weaponize it…Gliadin mimics the hormone that your thyroid needs to pull in. Gliadin locks into your thyroid so that you always feel hungry.

Grain is compromised.

“Fed Up” is a movie with Katy Perry that David recommends.

David recommends the diet put forth by Weston Price. It involves small amounts of animal protein, which is high is ‘Activator X’

Activator X is a…

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