How to (attempt to) Steal an Election, NWO-in-France style… “Send out twice as many ballots for the candidate you want to win, and tear the ballots of the candidate you want to lose”

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If this is true, hope some will verify it. The French need to deal with this, and correct it.

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These ballots arrived at a household that had five eligible voters. 100% destruction rate. (click to enlarge)

Wow! It really looks very clear that the election in France was stolen for the “Diacritical Mark” (Macron). How in your face can it get? There it is. This appears to be (at least part of) what happened in France.

Apparently, for the France president election, each person receives and envelope with two ballot papers, with a ballot paper for each candidate (with the candidate’s name printed on it). The videos below show some people received envelopes with two Macron ballots and no Le Pens, others received envelopes with one Macron but a torn Le Pen ballot (which automatically disqualifies that ballot).

This envelope contained 2 Macrons and no Le Pens (click to enlarge)

Just like the Macron victory speech posted here yesterday, the NWO/Illuminati/Cabal fingerprints are all over…

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