Leap or Be Pushed! Either Way…!!

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I do feel that something is coming soon. Also heard that when the ET’s, our off planet families are able to show themselves and interact with us, they have a party planned. So they are not telling us what the details of this, party, celebration is. So all the gloom and doom, is not going to happen, unless you are a controlled and are loosing control.
As far as the bigfoot, sasquatch people. I think they have been here for as long as or longer than humanity, as our elder brothers and sisters.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

Wow is spirit getting testy!!  In all my years of readings, decades even, never have I seen the adamance, the straight out, do something or we will get that something done our way voice of spirit.  It is time to reach deep down into your soul ambition and just do something to assist the greater all.  Start a blog, start workshops, put a website together, do a youtube video and so on.  The point being… start somewhere or we will be pushed somewhere to get started.  Trust me, I have been pushed into more places than I had ever cared to experience, but it all served to get me to do what I had no inner faith of myself to do.

Having faith in yourself is huge.  Spirit always has 100 times more faith in us than we do in ourselves.  Of course, they see us…. they KNOW us from…

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