A quantum leap of consciousness, waking up from the American Dream 

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Chasing dreams constructed by the elite, carrots on a stick, keep us right where they want us, dissatisfied, despairing and depressed. What we have is never enough. We are programmed to look at the negative, to want more. A consumerist society only works if everyone is consuming. Economics squeezes us into tight spaces with very little leverage for true passions to be explored. Advertising and mainstream media persistently drip feed dissatisfaction. What we don’t have, that others do have. Who we should be, that others are. How we should live, to be happier than we are. More, more, more. Bigger, better, faster, shinier… things, people and lifestyles, like hamsters in a wheel we chase, chase, chase. When we run all the time, comparing ourselves to others, judging our lives by the standards of the matrix, we are locked into a cycle of negativity. Persistently sharing our dissatisfaction is flying the…

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Jordan Sather: What to do when your friends and family ostracize you…

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Exclusive: mind-boggling FDA confession about the smallpox vaccine

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Source: Exclusive: mind-boggling FDA confession about the smallpox vaccine


Former CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp Exposes the Shadow Government & Deep State [video] ~ August 28, 2017

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Rose Rambles...

Need to wake up, or…do you know someone who needs to “wake up”? Then send them this article/video which details the sordid story of the US government…it’s all about GREED!

I saw this on Starship Earth: The Big Picture, and thought you might like to see this as well. So…watch the video, read the article, call your Congressman and demand your brand of satisfaction, and…


There ARE good people in the government agencies, but they’ve all been sworn to secrecy, as Kevin explains, with dire consequences for breaking the agreement.

He’s correct that he could spend an hour fleshing out each of the key topics he mentions but he powers through it all in just over an hour. He tells us the difference between the Shadow Government and the Deep State. They are not interchangeable.

Anyone doubting what the current situation on this planet is, or why, need…

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Sun Exposure Slashes Cancer Risk

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Source: Sun Exposure Slashes Cancer Risk

I do not use sunscreen, I use long sleeve shirts, or go in the shade. I think the sunscreen has to many nasty chemicals.
I read an article that some chemicals used in agriculture were taken up by a plant and it made the livestock, cows sick, and their offspring. So I think that is what is happening to us. I think staying away from sunscreen, makeup, perfumes, and such will keep use healthier. Play in cleanish dirt, to get you immune system in shape. Find natural, plant based, or minerals ie salt for deodorant, to use instead of the man made chemicals as much as possible. Maybe do a cleanse once or twice a year. There are foods that can help remove toxins, heavy metals.

Benjamin Fulford 8-28-17… “High level weirdness in US as Khazarian control matrix crumbles” [FULL ARTICLE]

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Sundeelia: Building Resurrection Pillars

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Why I am not feeling particularly “comforted” by this Mozilla announcement… “The Mozilla Information Trust Initiative: Building a movement to fight misinformation online”

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