The GoldFish Report No. 150 [10-30-17] – Financial RoundTable with Cobra, Benjamin Fulford & Winston Shrout

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Let’s Talk About Integrity

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Reflections of Riverman

Show Poster

It is always an amazing opportunity for me to speak to the world via Humanity Healing Network. I never really know what the topic will be until the day before the talk and so I have to trust that I will find some supportive materials for whatever is to come through my mouth and into the hearing world.

The topic of Integrity is a big one for me as I have witnessed many people who claim to be healers and teachers failing to honor themselves and others in their pathwork.

I also watch as the leaders of the world have failed to muster up much integrity as well and are now scurrying to cover up as they rape the world in a greedy frenzy for power and control.

It is time that each of us  remember what the meaning of that word truly is and hold ourselves up as best…

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What Are You Doing With Your Personal Energy Field???

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


I stared at my computer yesterday, intent on putting out a sharing, and each subject that floated in my mind to share, started to collide with other subjects and became almost, jumbled.  It felt like an ongoing merger of different subjects and confused me to the point I just walked away from the computer.

I cannot say I am a whole lot clearer this morning, but there is a subject we would like to talk about that actually came up in last evenings meditation assistance class.  It is about our personal energy fields.

If we can look at our fields like a blanket.  We want to keep our blanket, our energy fields stretched taut always in a state of expanding or rest without putting anything heavy in it to depress it.

I actually found a little science stuff to help me express myself (imagine that!! lol)

From the Quora website

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Establishing Sacred Land, or, A Home-Coming

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The Druid's Garden

There has been a lot of talk in the American druid scene in the last few years about establishing sacred spaces, creating sacred groves, and really staring to re-enchant our land here. I think druids and other earth-centered spiritual traditions around the world, particularly those living in places shaped by colonization, face these same challenges: how do we create our own sacred spaces? What does that look like?  I wrote earlier this year, for example, about Stones Rising at Four Quarters farm, and the raising of standing stones. A few years ago, I’ve also written a series on sacred sites in the US and how to build some sacred sites. This post continues those conversations.

White Oak by the Creek White Oak by the Creek

In my Stones Rising post, I talked about how establishing sacred spaces, as a community, was certainly an “American” challenge because of the history of colonialism and the…

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GaiaPortal 10-27-17… “Elementals dance in the Cosmic Sun”

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Message from Mike Quinsey 10-27-17…

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Your 5th Dimensional Abilities ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

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Rainbow Wave of Light


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You have a series of upgrades coming your way that are designed to give you greater access to the experiences that you have heard about and wanted for yourselves that have been labeled as fifth dimensional. These upgrades are coming to you as a result of the wonderful work that you have all been doing to clear out that which is of a lower frequency, making room for these higher frequency energies that will have a much desired effect on your physical bodies.

You are using your physical bodies to access so much information that is stored in your cells and in your DNA. And as you receive these upgrades, you will be unlocking more of that potential that exists within you, the potential for greater use of your third eye, the potential for telekinesis…

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The Divine Change Makers and the Mutating Gene’s.

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Life in living biology, phew what a double sword it can be.  It provides experiences we just cannot have as pure spirit.  Touch and taste, even the pitfalls of the flip side of our emotional fields and pain/discomfort.  Then there is that whole aging process.  From baby to toddler, toddler to child all the way thru old age… lets change that to maturity (smile.)  Altho, to be fair, some simply enter old age and forgot the maturity part (giggle.)

This alone, on a regular kind of day, in a regular kind of life, can be challenging enough, now sprinkling into this whole mix what we all call ascension. Let me use my own words, consciously raising our frequency and vibration to higher levels of light thru a dense planet and package we call the body.  Normally we die, do a life review, work out what we still need to experience…

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The Clan of Merlin, Jesus, the Earth Group Soul and More. Oh My!!!

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Source: The Clan of Merlin, Jesus, the Earth Group Soul and More. Oh My!!!

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