David Wilcock Updates on his 10-22-17 article…

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Source: David Wilcock Updates on his 10-22-17 article…


The Latest “4Chan archive” (10-16-17) as posted by David Wilcock (with a Kp highlight or two)

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Arcturian Group Message October 22, 2017 | Marilyn Raffaele @ Onenessofall.com

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Rainbow Wave of Light


                                   OCTOBER 22 2017

Dear ones, once again we come to discuss the many facets of truth taking form at this time.  Each day more are awakening into higher levels of awareness.  Many who previously held only a  passing interest in truth, are now actively seeking it as they become increasingly  aware of a “bigger picture” unfolding.
This is because flowing waves of Light energy have become increasingly intense,  exposing much that heretofore existed alive and well hidden in the shadows.  You cannot clear or change something if you are not aware of its existence.  Awareness is happening for many as  chaos  illuminates societies’ dark corners and displays the secrets resting there for all to see.   Gaia is ascending.
Many life long truth seekers remain dependent on certain modalities in order…

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Kp Message 10-22-17… “Intensely In-Lightening energies coming in”

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

many holographic universes

They say experience is the greatest teacher and let me tell you, from the depths of my Being, no truer words…  these last 24 hours have been mind altering in my experiences.

At the end of meditation class on Oct 15th, spirit snuck thru my lips to let everyone know that on Sat in Earth Magic class 3, we are going to be doing a group meditation to create a new hologram.  Of course, all week long I thinking of a hologram where we group our light and form something outside of ourselves.  Kinda like this, but in my visual much more in depth, detail and color:

3D image

Of course, when class time arrived yesterday, I had so much congestion in my head I thought my eyes may pop out of my skull.  How am I going to hear instruction, I have spirit lube in every crevice.  I made sure I…

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The Seed Guardians: Meet the Women of India Who are Revolutionizing Organic Farming

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Openhearted Rebellion

By Carolanne Wright, Wake Up World

For some time now, we’ve been hearing about the important role women have in curbing environmental destruction. After all, the argument goes, the patriarchal system is at the root of our environmental problems — with its sole focus on the profitable bottom line and a complete disregard for the effect industry has on clean air and water, animal habitats, human health and our food supply.

What we need is a more feminine approach that sees value in preserving and caring for our natural world.

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PrepareforChange.net 10-18-17… “Know Now That There Will Be A Peaceful Smooth Transition”

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Dreams always end and the dreamer always awakens.

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Jesus through John

  Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday October 18th

Everyone, all of humanity, is becoming aware that there is no separation, because modern physicists have proclaimed it in public many times now, but the vast majority of humanity has no idea what that really means.  Those of you reading or listening to this blog, and to other uplifting and inspiring ones, know that it relates to the fact that there is only God, Source, Love, and that there is NOTHING ELSE!  And even you have great difficulty grasping what that actually means.


Everything is connected to everything else because All of Creation is contained within the limitless and infinite field of Love, beyond which there is no beyond!  In fact there is no escape from Father/Mother/God, from Love, from Source, because all that exists is most lovingly held within that infinite field in…

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