Dr. Michael Salla, Exopolitics.org 2-23-18… “President Trump Validates QAnon – How Will UFO SSP Disclosure Happen?”

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David Wilcock

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Lionel Nation

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Rights and free speech…sort of….


FEB 22 NEW Q POST Brief | John Doe Truth In Context

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Forever Unlimited

The further you go, the deeper it gets. The first half is background analysis, which relates to recent Q posts [ http://qanonposts.com/ ]. He starts off examining the CIA response to the JFK Assassination and the subsequent rule changes within the CIA, as well as the long-term program (agenda) regarding guns and school shootings, from many decades ago to present day situation. (Read the linked documents for yourself and draw your own conclusions.) Then he gets more deeply into the Q Analysis in the second half..rather intensely… here’s an excerpt:  ~PB

“So in summary, what we’re learning here, is 2-fold facets…and dynamics of the CIA and their control over you and I, and unwitting victims, right? So we have the Deep Dream, the MKUltra, which is facilitated via social media, among many other things, one of the facets it needs facilitation through is is social media right, you know, building…

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Q links, for those interested in following… (or, “Holy crap, they’re all talking about Q but which link do I look at???”)

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Anti-School x Destroying the Illusion – Social Media Censorship Can’t Stop The Great Awakening ~ Feb. 22, 2018

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Rose Rambles...

Couldn’t get any better than this folks! This is Isaac Green of Anti-School fame being interviewed by Jordan Sather from Destroying the Illusion. As Isaac has noticed, the truther community is very large, and Isaac’s message is now being heard by the brave “truthers” who  have their own websites!

So…please be aware that although each person’s truth is unique, it is wrong for Google, YouTube,Twitter, and other social media outlets to censor the messages that stem from the truth. Please watch this video, listen to the truth wherever you can find it, and…


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Archangel Michael & OWS ~ You Are in The Moments Prior to The Great Awakening ~ Feb. 22, 2018

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Rose Rambles...

Channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our weekly Sunday Prepare For Change group in Phoenix, AZ on February 18, 2018. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as their is much wisdom imparted) [11:00]

Archangel Michael

(Following our guided meditation)

I AM Archangel Michael.

I AM pleased to be here with you at this time, in this moment, in this flux that is occurring within many of you. Many of you are feeling the energies moving through you. Many of you are feeling the energies all around you.

And all of you are beginning to realize that the time is near, the time is now. For we are all in this together. We came here together and we will leave here together.

That is not to say that you will all leave…

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off grid float cabin

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US Patent 6506148 B2 Confirms Human Nervous System Manipulation Through Your Computer and TV ~ Feb. 22, 2018

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Rose Rambles...

This is another great post from Starship Earth about the way efforts are NOW in place to secretly influence and control humanity. How? It’s fairly simple and straightforward…merely use disruptive vibrations to compel the masses on a subliminal level.

Wow…good think I gave up on TV over six years ago! When I listen to music now, I also try to verify that it has been recorded in 432 Hz as the current 440Hz leads to well…discognizance.

So…please read this article, check out why vibrations (energy)are everything in life, and…


February 22, 2018

It’s hard to find any information at all on a one “Hendricus G. Loos,” despite the fact that he’s filed multiple patent applications, with success, for apparatuses that deal with the manipulation of the human nervous system via a computer screen or a television monitor. In the abstract, he explains the following,

“Physiological effects have been observed…

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