The ET Coalition of Energy Forces, Equipped with a Force Field!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

influx of ET energies

The first connection yesterday was an ET mind blower!!  Hell, my mind gets blown almost every day now, but this took it over the top.

My lady had 4 ships that aligned themselves from left to right at the back end of the yard.  I could not see the ships thru the energies they were releasing, but could feel their presence behind or within the energies.

The first energy was intense yellow/gold and it was stated they were from Sirius.  The second energy was intense white and from Andromeda.  The third reminded me a soap bubble in full sunlight, translucent with all these moving striations of color thru it all, I cannot remember the full name of their star system, but they were definitely non physical Beings from a group of stars.  The first two were masculine energy in nature and the third feminine.  The fourth one that was there…

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