April’s Blast of (ongoing) Energies.

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

aprils energies

Now I know something very different is underfoot.  I have been complaining to spirit for a month now that the readings need to return to my back yard.  All of March the your fields were in my landlords field to the right of my back yard, then when April showed up, you were in my neighbors yard to the immediate right of me.  That’s kind of annoying to me (not that spirit cares if I get annoyed lol.)  Yesterday thru my very first reading, the energy started in my neighbors yard and it immediately was packed up and placed in my backyard.  The fact that spirit waited until that moment of connection to shift the field back to my backyard felt so purposeful, like their way of saying, we hear you and now will fulfill your wishes!!  (Bout damn time!!! lol)

What I find interesting, still don’t fully understand yet…

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