Thoughts on healing

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These are my views, my thoughts. Find your own truth in this.
We are aspects of creator, source. And we have creative abilities, we are highly creative beings. Thus we can heal are selves, others with their permission, and their helping to heal themselves.
We use the violet flame to remove the illnesses, issues, and the white light, creative love/light to be fully restored healed. We believe this is done, we know this is done. We go within and create the healing, restoring of what needs to be restored, healed. See, believe…believe, see…it is done. If you doubt it, you may not be healed, and need to keep believing, knowing you are healed.
I know we have been told, programed, to believe we cannot do this. This old programing is now to be replaced with new. The new, or that we need to remember we can do this, is what is needed to create the healing, or create anything. Recognizing we can do this is the start of this process of doing this. It will, or may take some time to do this, or fully activate the memories, and ways that we can and do do this.
So go within, know you can do this, and do it. Keep trying. Keep removing the old programing that comes up for you. And replace it with new, what ever that is for you. You are a creator god, and so you can do it. Do this in love, peace, harmony, joy, no harm, allow free will to others.
If you need to get medical attention do so. This is to reawaken our self healing ability.

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