Heading to the Solstice Energy. Wowzers!!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


We are all now in that hallway heading towards the solstice.  There are one of three phases we are in, entering change, in the midst of massive change or just coming out of change.  The centerpiece, change, is that place that is unviewable (to me.)  That said, there is not one reading, not one person that shares the same imagery or energy as any other.  Each has entered an aspect of their own personal evolution that is so unique to them, it kind of makes me crazy (smile.)   Crazy only because the energy is new, the visual freakin bizarre at times (which is also means, so new I have never seen such things before) that understanding the visual gets challenging, a lot!!  Even my “assimilation” no longer works the way it had for 18 years.  I could go to sleep and wake up and (close to) fully understand how each…

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Jordan Sather (Destroying the Illusion 2.0) 6-8-18… “New Sealed Record Count / CEOs Resigning / AZ Trafficking Camp / IG Report & FBI”

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Ongoing connections and communications, the Sasquatch Family is growing

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Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Ongoing connections and communications, the Sasquatch Family is growing

sasquatch etheric

Greetings to all in our Family of friends of Sasquatch,

Life has been blessing us with fantastic encounters and happenings recently, driving me to share a few of the main events of the last days. A couple nights ago, I heard a gentle call and a few thumps behind the barn. I recognized the same female voice I had heard a couple times at night last week. This time I greeted her, sending her welcoming, peaceful and loving thoughts and within minutes she projected her astral form, crouching just in front of me. She was very tall and all white, with a very kind, soft energy, a bit shy and curious. I knew right away it is the same local Elder that has been communicating with Dean for five years. I felt honored by her visit, which seems to mark the…

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Massive Energies, Before The Final Days of Ascension ~ June 6, 2018

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Rose Rambles...

Alexander touches on the latest waves of energies and what they mean to us as we near the pinnacle of our Ascension. Purpose and Infinity is covered and elaborated upon as we are reminded of our true energetic nature at Soul Level.

Alexander’s new book “Confessions of An Indigo Child” is available now on Amazon.com with the link below. https://www.amazon.com/Confessions-In… Don’t forget to subscribe and check out the website for more content. Feel free to reach out by email at indigolight2222@gmail.com.

Visit the website at our new address: http://www.indigolightlove.com Please support our efforts to enhance the website, content and provide new insights continuously by donating to Indigo Light directly at http://www.paypal.me/indigolightlove.

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micklem bridle

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horse behavior, seeing pain

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This could be the first Q BOOM… 6-4-18… “In Latest Privacy Scandal, Facebook Gave Apple, Amazon And Others Unprecedented Access To User Data” & “”

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A couple articles that indicate things on this planet are changing BIG time… “Miss America Scraps Swimsuit Competition” & “David Koch Stepping Down From All Business, Political Activities”

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Welcome to the Next New Adventures!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Welcome to the wild ride of June!!  For me it started out with a rush downstream (read that to mean, serious diarrhea!!!)  I have never had such explosive, continuous events for two solid days!!  As I am realizing, many of us were in that same boat!!  I suppose the big flush out while the new energies came in .And OMG the new!!  I finally got my vision back yesterday to do readings and wow, talk about an serious uptick in the energies,  Hell forget uptick, never serious levels of light frequencies!!!!  That said, many are still cooking up their new adventures.

The day started with yet another person up in the tree, this time the meaning was “branching out” in new directions.  Which takes both action and non-movement.  Which really could sound like a contradiction, but its not, not really.

The theme for everyone that I had even the smallest…

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Halemaumau is Expanding… and there’s tonnes of earthquakes, too (500 in one day)

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