Beyond Where Charts Could Track: Wave 7 Evidenced in Spades Yesterday

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Winging with Whitehawk

WHAAAAA ???!!!

Hearty appreciation to Pod Scotland for pointing me to the Schrodinger’s Other Catblog, which posted numerous charts reporting clear evidence that something energetically massive did in fact occur yesterday, July 30 in USA; July 31 in AUS – literally beyond where any tracking device could follow!

Moreover: it appears to have come at close to the exact time Leelu said it would.

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Kp Message 7-31-18… “There’s a H—– of a lot of Illumination going on right now!! (dammit!)”

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Incubating the New. Eclipse Meditation Included.

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Gotta love an full on shift in the field.  Of course, we knew that would happen after the lunar eclipse.  Much to my surprise, only one person out of 4 were on the ground.  One lady was swinging in a hammock about 20 feet above the earth, another standing on top of the tree at the right of the field, another “hanging on for dear life” by her hands on a rope stretched out from right to left about 40 feet above the ground.  There was only way person in yesterdays reading that was actually at the ground level and it was because she was assisting Gaia cleaning up the debris being released from the electrical fields coming thru from the August solar eclipse.

This, I feel, gives us all a perspective of where we may be at as we move  closer to this final eclipse series.  My lady in…

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STEPHANIE: “11 Things You Should Know About Introverts”

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Ascension Avatar

“Small talk with strangers is my kryptonite.”


11 Things You Should Know About Introverts

1) We need to recharge alone

This right here is the cusp of the entire introvert vs. extrovert debate (if there is one, anyway) — Introverts need to be alone to recharge. We tend to get completely worn out by socializing. This is basically what it means to be an introvert.

2) We don’t hate being around people, but we probably hate crowds

I love being with people, but if you drop me into a large crowd I instantly feel like I’m alone and invisible. I try to avoid situations where I feel that way, so I may decline your open invitation to some random event. It doesn’t mean I don’t like to be around you, it just means I like to have more control over my surroundings.

3) We don’t mind silence

I can sit…

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Kp note about Kp Blog sharing sites… FB, Twitter, MeWe, Gab.ai, OnStellar…

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Finally!!  A night of sleep and waking up with plenty of time to share!!  There is a wonderful tid bit that came thru a reading (of course) that dammit, I kept forgetting to share.  But here it is, on the tippy top of my mind this morning.  I am going to quote it:


When you hear things, it almost becomes a no brainer, yet so far from the brain until its revealed.  Passion is an internal energy.  If comes from you, thru you, and cannot be experienced outside of yourself.  So you cannot “find” you passion since it does not exist outside of yourself.  BE your passion in all you do, think and say!

I want to go back too, since it is on my mind as well, to the yin yang energy from my last blog.  It is being…

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fallon taylor blog, good wisdom

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Enjoy Right Where You Are ∞The Creators

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Rainbow Wave of Light


“Relax. Know that there is only one way for you to mess things up for yourselves. And that is to limit how much you enjoy yourselves. You cannot really go astray from the path that you have set before yourselves. But you can limit how much you enjoy taking that journey. We want you to understand that this is a journey that you have created for yourselves. So, you are never going to be in a place that you have not put yourselves.

And we know this can seem a bit scary to some of you, as you do not trust yourselves. You do not necessarily believe that you have your best interest at heart. And what is your best interest? What is your ultimate goal? Is it simply to live comfortably in the world? Or is there a bigger picture? You know you are here to have an experience…

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TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “5 Channeled Messages From Wayne Dyer”

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