SerialBrain2, Reddit.com (10-19-18)… “Trump’s tweet on Stormy reveals the network that tried to assassinate him”

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Okay, this can be a fairly “intense” read, and I’m only highlighting a couple instances from this. But it points out (my main point) that Q posts, Trump Tweets, and timings thereof, are ALL connected, and certain elements (timings, misspellings, etc.) are being used to convey hidden messages. That’s why I occasionally check into SerialBrain2’s Reddit channel every so often.

“Then, you have 3 strange things: first, Trump writes Danials instead of Daniels. Then, 14 mn later, he launches a tweet storm about Glenn Simpson pleading the fifth, Bruce Ohr still working at the DOJ, his beautiful wife Nelly used as a pawn and asks the fatidic question about Sessions location. Then, just for fun, he writes Glen instead of Glenn.

“…I want you to stop for a minute and appreciate the beauty of all this. Do you see how these tweets are written to lead you to what is…

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Experiencer story, by Georgeanna De Carlo, from Pennsylvania

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Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By Georgeanna De Carlo

Heya, brother!
I finally wrote up the experience I shared with you at the retreat.

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

One of the best things about communicating with the Sasquatch people is the fun that it brings into my life. I just never know how things are going to come about.

An old friend of mine who I hadn’t spoken to for years needed a place to stay for a week so he stayed with us. I thought about sharing The Sasquatch Message To Humanity with him immediately. He is an outdoor enthusiast, has had a lifelong connection with nature and enjoys reading. But something told me that although it was a good idea, it would be better to allow it to meld for a few days. You know, just talk about the contents without pushing the identity of the messenger.

This is the way things…

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A Druid’s Guide to Herbalism, Part II: Preserving and Preparing Sacred Plant Medicine

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The Druid's Garden

The moonlight shines through the window in my kitchen as I carefully use a mortar and pestle to grind dried herbs for making tea.  Candlelight softly illuminates the space, and I have my recipe book with me, ensuring that I record everything that I’m doing for future use. Magic is in the air; working in a sacred space at a sacred time on the Fall Equinox ensures that these medicines will be potent, effective, and magical. On the counter, I’ve already finished my fresh New England Aster flower tincture; this keeps my lungs in good health and helps me manage my chronic asthma without pharmaceuticals. A pot of olive oil is infusing with herbs is on the stove; I am getting ready to add beeswax and pour it off into small jars.  This healing salve will be for friends and family as Yule gifts.  The kitchen is bursting with good…

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Message #31 – A Shift In Timeline | Sophia Love

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Rainbow Wave of Light

October 20, 2018

Hey everyone.  This is a surprise edition.  These have been coming since September 2017 and this is the 31st conversation, which averages out to roughly 2 -3 each month. It’s been just days since they reached out and last night I was woken up 4 times!  I did not respond well and said I would reach out in the light of the following day. I was surprised at their insistent wake-ups because the group I usually speak to knows that if I don’t “answer” their call, I’ll reach out to them the next day.  This group did not.

Here’s how today’s conversation went.

“I was woken up several times last night and did not connect. Are the beings who did so available now?”

We are here Sophia, yes.

Hello. Thank you for becoming available once again to connect.

You are welcome. We would like to begin.


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David Wilcock and Corey Goode Update October 16, 2018

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There was a time . . . .

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via There was a time . . . .

Storm is Upon Us VIDEO 10-17-18… “Q – We Are The Plan” (or, “It’s time to turn off the media, follow your instincts, trust yourself and BE THE PLAN!”)

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Very inspiring video, as it outlines, in 10 minutes, how the planet got to where it is right now… and how that all is changing, and has changed, since November of 2016. This also goes along nicely with DW’s presentation about the “Five Alliance Groups”, posted here.

This video producer (Joe Masepoes) also posted video entitled, “Q – The Plan To Save The World” (related Kp blog post).

I very much align with the second half of the title, in that we can all do our part to help get this word out… “It’s time to turn off the media, follow your instincts, trust yourself and BE THE PLAN!” (I’d only add to that, go beyond “instincts”, and “Follow ‘Higher Inner Guidance'”).


Published on Oct 17, 2018
This is not fantasy. They just made us think it is. ALERT! Everything is a lie. We…

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David Wilcock lecture-“Revealing The Five Alliance Groups” VIDEOS (and MP4 (and MP3) download links)

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Somewhere a while back, I saw this at PrepareforChange.net. I was at the CITD 2018, but I missed this live lecture, and although I purchased the DVD of this, I was only able to get through about 75% of it, then the DVD stopped playing.

Anyway, I was glad to see someone had put this online. I do believe it is very helpful (and perhaps, “important”) to understand the full picture of the Alliance, and the different parts of it. It also may be helpful to some to understand the role of various US Presidents in disclosure, and what Donald J. Trump is doing to help bring about full disclosure.

Some may wish to download, for safe keeping, the MP4s (video) and the MP3s (audio) (which are configured for use on smartphones) from the links below the videos.







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YouTube appears to be down… (10-16-18, at 1600 HST; 0200 UTC)

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I noticed that it was down also.

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[Kp update 1700 HST: it’s back, baby!!]

No idea what’s going on. I’ve noticed others pointing this out. But I did see a Tweet from Team YouTube:

Team YouTube Verified account @TeamYouTube

Thanks for your reports about YouTube, YouTube TV and YouTube Music access issues. We’re working on resolving this and will let you know once fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will keep you updated.
3:41 PM – 16 Oct 2018

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Cobra update 10-13-18… “Situation Update”… (“This nightmare will be over, soon. Justice is coming”)

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This new update goes over a few points about what has been happening energetically, and what is still needed to be done. Some may have interest in his information.

“Increased activity in the Galactic Center continues. Galactic Light Forces have removed last remnants of the quantum signature of a huge quantum fluctuation Dyson sphere, 4 light years in diameter, that was encircling our Solar System and was hindering the Ascension process of our Solar System. This quantum Dyson sphere was a very advanced quantum hyperdimensional portal that was created by the Chimera group in 1996 and is now completely gone forever.

“Galactic Forces fleet is present inside our Solar System, cloaked, but those sensitive to energies can definitely feel it. To avoid revealing the presence of those motherships to the surface population, NASA has arranged “blind eyes in the sky”… All remaining plasma toplet bombs are now located within…

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