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Hastily Announced MILITARY TRIBUNALS Press Conference Wednesday ~ November 28, 2018

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Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: (Thanks to J for sending this to me!) Really…is it time? Please read this article from Hal Turner’s Radio Show, decide if the time is right (ripe) for justice in America, and…



A strange announcement was made on Tuesday, November 27 via the twitter account of the United States Attorney’s Office in South Carolina:  A Press Conference for MILITARY TRIBUNALS will be held in Columbia, SC on Wednesday, November 28.

United States Attorney Sherri Lydon announced that a press conference will be held on Wednesday, November 28, 2018, at 10:30 a.m. at the Department of Corrections, located at 4460 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210.

Represented at the press conference will be members of the Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS), U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command (CID), Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Department of Defense Criminal Investigative Services (DCIS), Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigations…

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Atonement and Salvation in Christianity and the Law of One

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via Atonement and Salvation in Christianity and the Law of One

Beyond the Passageway of December 5th.

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Is time speeding up or what? It is so hard to believe we are closing out another month and soon, another year. This year sure is not ending in a way I foreseen at the start of it!! That is the nature of change tho. The end of this year and even, at least, the first quarter of next year is all about change as well.

Our bodies are changing, our minds and thought forms are changing, our environment is changing. Who and what we are as a species, is changing.

Whatever we want to call these energies that have been coming in steadily since 11/11 will start to be compacted into life itself as we move thru the passage way of December 5th. I have been able to see thru a few of the readings the energies on the other side of that passageway (spirit changed my word doorway…

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Dr Greer explains CE5 protocols for peaceful communication with ET

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via Dr Greer explains CE5 protocols for peaceful communication with ET


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David Wilcock – Disclosure of Five Cosmic Alliances

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Higher Density Blog

David Wilcock

Published on Nov 24, 2018


David Wilcock reveals everything in this groundbreaking “full disclosure” of the five different groups that are all fighting for humanity’s positive future-and Ascension. You will meet the Earth Alliance groups, the Military-Industrial Complex Secret Space Program (MIC SSP) divisions, the Secret Space Program Alliance, the Inner-Earth Alliance and the Sphere-Being Alliance. Each of these groups is at a progressively higher level, and the story of their efforts has captivated the “Seeking Truth” community with David’s weekly show Cosmic Disclosure. The battle is really heating up, so don’t miss the latest and greatest intel, hot off the presses! We may very well see the full public exposure and downfall of the New World cabal — and a release of fantastic technology and scientific advancements if the five Alliance groups get their way.

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Presents of the Light Presence are presented to all

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Presents of the Light Presence are presented to all.

Abundance protocols have established.

Flamboyants are exposed and dissolved from the tomes.

Messengers of the Galactics are heard.

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James Gilliland ECETI 11-24-18… “SPECIAL EDITION As You Wish Talk Radio” (aka, “Remain Calm and do the research”)

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Kauilapele's Blog

Listened to this earlier, and it’s another reminder from James that all is working out “okay”, and reminds us to continue remaining in the Light and recognize that the plan is working out.


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Grid Failure. Clairvoyant msg. 11/23 ~November 24, 2018

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Rose Rambles...

I posted on Patreon ( Patreon.com/alunaash ) about false events not too long ago and specific locations I remote viewed w this I have been speaking about this Grid Failure for over 6-8 months on channel & server:

-energy below surface building.

-plasma waves getting stronger and stronger and happening more often.

-grid failure.

-Government awareness, prep, meetings.

-more on westcoast w. US

-closer we get to new galactic yr & DF 4th density grid shift

Prep taking place currently w high awareness of potential grid failure manifestation as a collective within 3D collective timeline. There is too much focused thought at the moment, the timeline can shift within minutes if we each do our part with focus, intent, visualization during daily meditation.

Every single thingIi share is all from my galactic guidance, clairvoyance and remote viewing. I do not share anything that does not comes directly through my consciousness…

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