Q Drop #3352 (6-27-19)… “FOR GOD AND COUNTRY”

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After reading the last three Q posts, it certainly seems that something significant is going to happen.

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Moving Into the High Frequency of July

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

high frequency

The long blackout period has finally lifted!! We are now in a walkway that takes us to the full solar eclipse on July 2nd.

All last month the readings have been saying that June is a huge emotional month. Since emotion is the thing that sparks life into creation, be aware of your emotional field. Whats yours and whats not yours. My first lady yesterday really surprised me. She was standing in a landscape of quicksand slowly sinking downwards. Her team showed an older man with his hand on her head, any time I would see him in her readings, she would plunge deeper into this quicksand up to her neck. When he wasn’t present in her field, she would only be ankle deep in the quicksand. She then explained she has this court case….

To anyone that is dealing with outside emotional stuff, find a way to stay in…

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Jordan Sather VIDEO 6-22-19… “Battle for Disclosure: The Ultimate QAnon Brief (given April 10th, 2019” [at Cosmic Waves event, in Kona]

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This video with Jordan was assembled by Edge of Wonder team, and they have done a beautiful job. This occurred on 4-10-19, at the Cosmic Waves 2019 event (related Kp blog posts), here in Kona.

I told Jordan afterwards that I thought it was the best overall Q presentation I had ever seen. He goes through quite a bit of history behind why Q was created, the deep state, that Trump was picked to run for President to bring down the deep state, and so on.


Published on June 22, 2019
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Crop Circle Update: Connecting To The Strength Available As A Community

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SoulFullHeart Healing

By Jelelle Awen

Crop Circle UPdate: The latest crop circle that I was guided to offer a message from appeared in Sparticles Wood, near Netherme-on-the-Hill, Surrey, UK. This one was reported on the SOULstice, June 21st, which connects to the strong energy gateway that the SOULstice offers as we move into a new season in our lives. Here is the video of this one to take in:

I am noticing that I am guided to write about and connect to some crop circles that are appearing in this 2019 season and not others. Some of them are being revealed to be created solely by humans, even a sixth grade class created quite a wonderful one in France recently. Yet, if you feel into these other crop circles, you can feel the galactic transmission energies that are missing in them.

The ones offered from the Star Mu Alliance (we could call…

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Eric Raines, 6-19-19… “A Major Gateway Has Broken Open”

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This is a very timely message from Eric. And it points out what we can do to make it through this “chaotic” time. One moment at a time.

“The Human collective consciousness has experienced a stunning expansion, purging lost traumatic ancestral timelines, opening new levels of conscious exploration and shifting the fundamental timeline flows of the entire species. The sun has increased its pulsing in relation to the level of conscious ability to broadcast light…

“What we are looking at right now is a product of a self perpetuating system that has gone wildly out of control, creating increasing levels of violence, hatred, darkness and warfare to get the same level of emotional reaction from humanity….and it has failed utterly and completely.

With the latest rash of mainstream coverage of UFO’s, from heads of state to military pilots giving professional testimony, a major gateway has broken open.… The…

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The Revitalization Period is Now!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

And here we are, smushed between the full moon and solstice energy. Not surprising, a lot has been blocked from our view. In each reading on Tuesday, a series of red X;s stretched from the day before the full moon thru the day after the solstice to form a larger X. There is so much happening at the super quantum level of life that it is impossible for us to understand. at this point.

At the ground level, there was a mixture of the white and blue energy form the tsunami wave I had seen, as well as the black that has been consistent from the new moon. This substance covered the earth and was about 10 feel deep (going to scale of my vision of course.) .

Much to my joyful surprise, suddenly a dolphin leaped out of this substance covering the earth from behind the X, directly at…

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edge of wonder, video

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Astar command

The Tsunami Wave of Energy

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


This has been one of the strangest weeks of my life. First I lose my voice for 5 days, nothing really strange about that, I loose my voice every spring and fall from time to time. But once I got my voice back, my vision went blank. Nothing at all when I was able to finally speak again, until day two. However, day two showed us previews, images before the readings, absolutely nothing each time I tried to connect to the field, same thing for the day after that. So lets look at what was shown and what was understood thru the various conversations over the two days.

Day one was this massive tsunami like wave coming in from (what is now) this week. A mixture of solstice and full moon energy that made this massive wave a beautiful white. From what I understood, it will mix in with the…

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Howitzers of Light come to the fore

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Howitzers of Light come to the fore.

Premonitions fulfilled.

The Light has “won”.

Markers are in place for future generations of Energy workers.

Articles of the Galaxy are written.

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Where We Go 1 We Go All 6-13-19 VIDEO… “Who Rigged The TWlN TOWERS” (a remarkable compilation and ‘Compelling New Evidence of Who Set The Explosives’)

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I believe this may be one of the best short compilations of evidence about what happened on 9-11-01. Excellent!

The beginning few minutes he describes some connections with the recent helicopter crash in NYC. But more importantly (in my view), he exposes some new evidence about who actually set the explosives in the Twin Towers, and how it relates to an “Israeli Art Group” (named “Gelatin”) that made sketches that (surprise surprise) looked almost exactly like what happened on 9-11.

Also pointed out is that WWG1WGA guy is an engineer of skyscrapers, so he knows what he is talking about here. He also notes that Donald Trump pointed out how explosives must have been used to bring down the towers (see this earlier (2016) Kp blog post).

I’ve placed a couple quotes about what I see about those events. Currently, I would find it hard to believe anyone could…

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