The Advanced Souls and the Energy Available to You!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

advanced souls

I know how much you love my handy dandy artwork and must miss it. So I have taken to the simplicity of paint to give you a visual diagram of the way I see the field at this moment and what each area means.

energy field.jpg

Let me be clear on what I mean by advanced souls (spirit snuck that term in there.) When the soul has the ability to partner with and command (again, not my word) the ego mind so that its evolutionary needs get met. Not all advanced souls are awakened (as we have defined awakened) but do follow their inner promptings and guidance. They have also released a majority of their judgments. Judgments cloud a persons energy field and deters true guidance from the soul. Often times, they follow the promptings of their ego, declaring it soul guidance.

So it is these advanced souls that are on theā€¦

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