The Living Field of ALL Life and Your Affect with it.

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

living light interaction

This could have very well been a three part series. I suppose it is a good thing there was a break in sharing yesterday, so much more was revealed in understanding. So lets get to the lady I didn’t get to in yesterdays blog.

Her center field, or what I am now hearing as her core of light was a deep lavender. What has been explained to me (I have been doing a tremendous amount of pondering) is what I am seeing as the color of the core is the souls primary color of light. The soul is made of colored light. The colors represents experience and wisdom. Each soul brought in its core strengths of wisdom needed for this lifetime. It equally brought in colors it is still evolving towards. Not one color is better or less than another.

It was also explained that the various of colors I…

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