The holographic mirror: A message from the Sasquatch Elders, via Shekinah

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Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By Shekinah

As above so below
As within so without
The holographic mirror
A message from the Sasquatch elders
Please take a Moment to Watch this Prior to Reading

The rainbow feathered Serpent has uncoiled, it is moving
slithering across the dragon lines; igniting activating
changing one form unto another. For Everything is alive,
everything is conscious, and everything is dying to be
reborn and so it may arise again.

Oh humans, Let go, don’t hold on for the river is moving
very fast, you may want to cling to the shore, but you must
let go of what you think you know what you think you are
and what you have accepted as familiar, known. For we
are all about to go beyond it all. All the comfortable all
the numb prepare to be awoken. Some of you have known
this always and have held the ways of the…

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