Energy Update 11/25/19: The Light Has Already Won ~ November 28, 2019

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Rose Rambles...

The cornerstones of Light are beginning to elevate our world, our entire reality, as the elite control groups begin their Apocalypse, to become the memory of what never will be allowed again. I normallyfocus on the positive events that are happening to us, our world and our reality when it comes to these energy updates, but we are watching in real time, the collapse of many ancient levels of control, physical, energetic and mental.

There is a group of people who have spent entire generations elevating themselves above the “common rabble” and proving this to themselves by campaigning for idiocy, poor nutrition, energetic numbing, group-social think hijacking and worldwide warfare. The people who live in these environments end up having their mental, energetic, physical and emotional capacities dulled down to the point of justification from the elite’s perspective.

“They are so stupid, they cannot even realize we are making them…

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