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Updates for Christmas Eve, Dec. 24 ~ December 23, 2019

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Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Here we are, home for the holidays, and what a present humanity is receiving! Get ready…folks are generally going to be shocked and in dis-belief at the news that is now breaking WIDE-open!

The role for those of us who have been somewhat “in the know”? This is time for us to be voices of support for a shocked and upset population. We KNOW the world in NOT ending, we know that right and truth are now making their way into the lives of ALL for our best. Yes…the current government in the US WILL fall opening the door allowing fairness and equality for ALL.

Please read this article, be prepared to be thoroughly shocked, but prepared to lead others to understand their lives are to now BE…



Merry Christmas Eve, to one and all. This is a little early for the Westerners, but the mothership…

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Farsighteds Illuminate the masses

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Farsighteds Illuminate the masses.

Cosmic Higher Vibrations present to all.

Trance states, in the mind-controlled, dissolve.

God-Self is REALized.

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DANIEL SCRANTON – A Wave of Energy from the Source Energy Dimension ∞ The 9D Arcturian Council – 12-23-`9

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Higher Density Blog

source energy wave - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton, channeler of pleiadians, ets, yeshua



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been experiencing a wave of energy that has been coming from Source and has been rippling through the dimensions of this universe. We have noticed the effect that this Source Energy wave has had upon us, and we understand that this has nothing to do with your solstice because the universe is much bigger than one planet and their calendar and sun activity.

This wave to the universe because Source is of course very aware of the universal shift in consciousness that is occurring throughout this universe, and Source also wants to be a part of the experience. Source benefits from all that we are doing, feeling, and experiencing, and of course Source likes…

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REBEL YELL: ‘Flour Power’, A History of Rebel Bread Bakers

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Source – yesmagazine.org

“…Wheat was generally believed to cause low-level inflammation, and indeed this is what the Italian researchers saw with rats on the modern wheat diet. In contrast, the ancient wheat diet appeared to reduce inflammation. Human clinical trials followed. Beginning with healthy adults and proceeding to studies with patients experiencing conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and irritable bowel syndrome, Quinn and his collaborators found striking results. In eight weeks on an ancient grain diet, people achieved meaningful reductions in inflammation, as well as lower cholesterol and blood sugar, increased antioxidant activity, and higher levels of key micronutrients”

SM: …or, Rebel Without a Cosmopolitan…Cheers!

Flour Power – Wild Yeasts and Ancient Grains

In 2010, committed locavore Mai Nguyen experienced a hard winter for the first time. A Californian temporarily living in Canada, Nguyen scoured nearby markets for a local, seasonal treat to break up the monotony of cabbage…

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Bedros Keuilian , modern day poineers

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tony robbins, emotions

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