Net working with Earth’s meridians (Ley lines, Dragon lines or Song lines)

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Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Net working with Earth’s meridians (Ley lines, Dragon lines or Song lines), by SunBôw

We’ve all heard that the Earth is surrounded by a natural electromagnetic network (grid) and crisscrossed by a large number of energy lines, known as ley lines, dragon lines or song lines among other names in different cultures. These lines meet in certain power points, creating vortices or chakras, which translates as wheels. But this journey has brought new knowledge and understanding about these energy lines and how they naturally function, that can be useful for grid workers and all involved in Earth healing.

First, these energy lines are not straight lines, as they follow the curvature of the Earth. To give an example for an easier visualization of this principle, this photo of tensor rings assembled together into a ball shows how each line apparently straight, is in reality a ring or circle around the…

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