Heading into the New Moon

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


Well this has been a weird week in the field of readings. It has been progressing daily, but collectively instead of personally and kicking my butt each day!!

When I started to see what looked like a termite tent over the field shortly after I woke up, I was sure I was delirious. Nope, for ever connection that day, everyone had a termite tent over their field. Just incase you are not sure what a termite tent looks like:

termite tent.jpg

Sure enough, every connection showed the same thing, a termite tent over their entire field. The understand was containing all the energies that have been released from the center field and came down from above, along with the new core energy for fusion. Altho I seen nothing else with each person, man oh man, the attempt kicked me in the energy zone. I actually fell asleep between every single reading. I…

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