joel Salatin and Polyface farm, pastured farming

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david wilcock video

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Greetings of the Most High – We come forward now, in this Moment of your Time – with much News to share about the Current Situation

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Higher Density Blog


Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with much news to share about the current situation that we as a collective are going through at the moment.

At times like this, it is absolutely essential to remember that a multidimensional chess game is being played, and there are currently multiple different narratives being pushed in order to awaken the masses.

At this conjecture it is imperative that we draw your attention to what is currently occurring…. We are bearing witness to what could be called the “Changing of the Guard”, and by this, we are referring to the timeline that marks the end of the age of Darkness- Kali-yuga- and the opening dawn of the golden age; that which is known as the Satya Yuga.

It is very challenging using the third-dimensional English…

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Sananda ~ Run From The Sun ~ May 30, 2020

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Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: This article is indeed posted of new future changes for our Earth, yet posted without any sense of the word “fear” which I define as: fractals educing absolute reality. This definition of the word brings in a positive idea which serves to “flip” a negative connotation.

None know exact details for our future, yet we do know this future to be based on and bathed in unconditional love. Please read this article, know your own Magnificent Love, and realize this only allows you to BE in …

Quantum Joy!


By: Heru Paule LeBreto


And yes, the “time” is at hand when there will be magnificent changes, rebirthing, tribulation and meeting of responsibility. For the Father has sent them which have guarded the Earth for her duration, and they have NOT been sleeping. They have not forgotten their identity, for they are trustworthy and they have been…

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blossom message 5 31 2020

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31st May


Reviewing May Heading into the June Eclipse

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


And here we go, leaving yet another month in our wake. Or, is it leaving us in its wake? As we exit May we head straight into a lunar eclipse on June 5th. This eclipse is the bookend to the new moon we recently came thru in May. There is so many particles of quantum energy, symbols and codes being given to so many I have been reading for on the field as they prep for the eclipse.

I have been seeing this coming eclipse as a three day, black out event starting June 4th and ending on June 6th. Some will have an intense energy profusion while others get to relax and just skate thru it.

I have found thru the readings this month that so many of you met and exceeded the challenges placed in your field, all for the acknowledgement of your mastery. With the challenges came…

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Startles of Higher Awareness enspark Hue-manity

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Startles of Higher Awareness enspark Hue-manity.

Fortifications and fortifiers crumble before the Higher Lights.

Flagrant envelopes are passed.

Missions are accomplished.

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presidential executive order…..

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10 days quickening, 5-28-2020 to 6- 10 ish – 2020

Message from Kishchek, via Mike Bodewitz 

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Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Message from Kishchek, via Mike Bodewitz

“Listen to my words carefully. Humanity is not ready to meet us yet. Look around you, there is much work to be done. If your people are not careful, their creation will be their demise. Humans are dangerous and unpredictable. They do not respect this planet and what is on it. They think they are above it and try to bend nature to their will. This is a grave mistake. Man must work with the energy around it in a collective manner and not force their energy upon it.”

“But I am also here to tell you there will be a time in your future when we the Sasquatch People will see the change in humanity and decide to reveal ourselves to you in an open manner. This will occur because of the humans that we trust and call family. These special humans…

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