bz sharing video

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a link, conscious conversation

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We all need to stand in our truth.

I do not think that we need masks, nor be afraid of a virus. We need to create our health, us, not others. Take control of our lives, not others having control of us, no more. So stand up, be an adult, live your truth.


o2 levels with without mask

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OSHA oxygen level test for masks

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Source: OSHA oxygen level test for masks

All sentient consciousness was created eternally alive!

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Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Thursday June 25th

The word ‘awakening’ has become a bit of a “buzz-word” in recent months, as many are hearing it for the first time in the context of the human collective’s spiritual unfoldment.  This growing awareness, which is now arising in so many, that to be human at this moment is to have an experience in form, in physicality, that will allow and encourage all to remember that they are and always have been eternal spiritual beings.  The life force that flows through all sentient physical life forms, and on which those forms are totally dependent for their existence in form, is LOVE.

Love, Source, God, the One – whatever word you choose to use to express the idea of a supreme all-knowing, all-loving, and all-wise Creator and eternal Being in Whom all of creation has its eternal existence – is indeed ALL.  Every sentient…

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onceious converation central video

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUpa7MF_Pkg look at about the 55 minute mark.
You have the responsibility to get your health back, not me, I do not mask for you, it is your responsibility.


Your Ruling Planet as We Walk to the Lunar Eclipse. Watch Out Emotions!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


This is going to be a quicky, but felt it was important for everyone to know what these next two weeks consist of for everyone, so you know what to focus on and the reasons why you (or those around you) may be wildly emotion to the point of seeming bi-polar.

I know how much y’all miss my handy dandy visuals, so I created one to fill that longing in you (smile.)

june july eclipses.png

In all 5 readings yesterday, everyone had a common theme. Fire energy being released from the core of the person I was reading for, walking towards a wall of water energy. Everyone has a (different) ruling planet that will deeply affect them between these two events. At the ground level… well that’s harder to explain. I think my first lady will be the best example of explanation.

There images line up from her feet to that wall of…

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Crystalline Castles are entered with Joy

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Crystalline Castles are entered with Joy.

Progress accelerates.

Ascension comes with the processes of Light.

Removal of the dark conveyors completes.

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a link, destroying the illusion

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david wilcock video

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