September 2020 Energy Update with Lee Harris

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Tania Marie

Today is the last day of August, as we approach the Pisces Full Moon of the 1st/2nd (depending on where you live) to kick off September. A great time to check in with ourselves and review the last month, while making adjustments for the upcoming one.

Based on what I’ve heard from many of you, I think you’ll find Lee’s insights to ring in – especially those of you experiencing physical symptoms as responses to the changes being assimilated.

Lee accentuates how listening to your creative impulse is important, regardless of whether or not you can see or understand right now how it fits into things or could possibly make a difference. Creative energy is also visionary energy and ideas. It doesn’t only have to be a physical creation that you produce, yet that energy is vital to keep moving.

I also love his insights around “visionary activism,” as that…

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a link exo

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Is This the Mother of all Covid Bombs? New CDC Report —

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I agree, inflated numbers, very few actually have covid 19. Love not fear. Though the masks might help reduce the cold and flu season. The rest is a scam.

Overlapping Systems and the Ring of Fire

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

ring of fire

So much for getting to the rest of the story the next day. So we left off on the evolutionary body changes that are taking place thru the bravest (or really, the craziest) of souls.

While doing many of the Master and ET connections, another interesting target started to unfold. The ring of fire. Several people were instructed to concentrate on that area with their evolving expertise. Some with pure fire energy, some with pure water energy, all changing the energy of the earth from way below the surface that will rise upwards.

Keeping in mind, there are many many layers/versions of earth overlapping each other. A vast many souls incarnated on each plane. I have made you a handy dandy visual to help you see as spirit is putting in my face to explain.

Earths Layers.png

Keeping in mind, I have created the simplest of diagrams. There are many varying degrees…

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Motivational video create love peace joy abundance

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Jose Greg Hallet concious vitality

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Interesting about ivermectrin and virus’.

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Ivermectin for humans.


And for animals, cows, https://www.pbsanimalhealth.com/products/ivermectin-pour-on-dewormer-cattle


praying medic

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The New Wonder-full You!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


I have been trying to get this sharing out for the past week. I have a bit of an RA flair in the long bones of the back of the hand (and feet) not very pleasant to type for hours. I would put down a few paragraphs to wake up to none, several days in a row. So I am going to do it all at once today lol. There is so much information coming thru, I don’t want to forget it. I’ll start with the readings yesterday and go backwards.

We are in a “segue” energy system as we come out of the fires of August and bath in the waters of the Solstice. There is so much quantum energy being lit up in the each person. The focus of the fire and water is on the physical life area of the immediate field (the area that takes in…

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cory goode spere being allance

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