Truth is Slowly Coming About CV; the Cure, and the Con [videos]

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Discussion of these things is heavily censored now, including the President of the United States, so I hope you can read this post. Many have had to resort to “code” to get around Big Tech’s ‘big brother’ tactics to squelch the truth.

This video does not appear to be coming through below so you may want to watch on Bitchute.

Also listen to this audio if it doesn’t appear below with Dr. Judy Mikovits.

Ben Swann has done a number of videos examining the reality around CV19 or the “rona virus” as some now refer to it. This is the latest. He’s getting censored, too.

It’s clear there is a concerted effort to quash the truth about HYDR0XYCHL0R0QUINE as both a preventive measure and a remedy for the condition. Why? If we take the usual path and follow the money, where does it lead?


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