Eliza: Morning Ruminations

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Blue Dragon Journal

Eliza: Morning Ruminations

I typically start my morning walks at sunrise, sometimes a bit before. There is just enough light to see clearly as the sun begins to light up the eastern skies. This morning I noticed how the clouds high overhead first turned pink, then gold, then transitioned to a warm cream, and finally to white against the pale blue skies. As the clouds turned from pink to gold, surrounded by the blue skies, I was momentarily reminded of the three-fold flame that burns within the Secret Chamber of the Heart Center, blue (strength, Will of God, power, masculine); gold (intelligence, wisdom, Christ/cosmic energy); and the pink (compassion, unconditional love, feminine). As above, so below; as within, so without… as an ancient Hermetic saying goes. Sometimes Nature mimics or rather reflects the profundities of ancient Teachings extremely well. After all, people learned from Nature how to…

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