Kp Message 8-17-17… “Remaining Consistently ‘On Point'”

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Kauilapele's Blog

Another way to say it would be, “Focused on ‘The Mission'”. And that, I know, is what this period is about. Each of us, working for “The Light”, “The Ascension Process”, whatever you call it, and each with their own particular “Mission”.

In my view, it is most important to stay “On Point” in that “Mission”… whatever one conceives it to be.

What is “The Mission”? It is whatever one’s own Higher Discernment directs. “Higher Discernment” might also be called “Guidance from God”, or the “Holy Spirit”, or “Blue Avians”, or, in my case, “Higher Mocha”.

I listen to and view many videos these days… from a variety of sources (but no MSM). This even includes some “Christian” type channels. I was listening to one today, a Mark Taylor message, and interestingly, a prime point he was making was that each person needs to use their own…

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James Gilliland – Anunnaki, Star Nations and the History of Humanity – @ 2016 Australian ECTI

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Source: James Gilliland – Anunnaki, Star Nations and the History of Humanity – @ 2016 Australian ECTI

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 8-15-17… “US threats to North Korea linked to bankruptcy negotiations and global reboot”

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Kauilapele's Blog

Full weekly report from Ben. Particularly of note (to me, at least) is Ben’s mention of the 8-21-17 meditation during the solar eclipse across the US.

“The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, which defaulted on its debt payments on May 1st of this year, has been threatening war against North Korea as a negotiating tactic with its creditors. Its main creditor, China, has been calling the corporation’s bluff by promising to protect North Korea in the event it is unilaterally attacked… The Chinese have also said they will not protect North Korea in the event they strike the first blow.

“…the Russians and the Pentagon have informed the Israelis they will be attacked if they try to launch a nuclear missile from one of their submarines and make it look like North Korea did it, Pentagon and Russian FSB sources say. This has effectively checkmated any Khazarian mafia attempts to…

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Jordan Sather: Protest Fallout / Hillary Still Under Investigation / MSM Reports “Hack Wasn’t Russia!”

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Blue Dragon Journal

8.15 – Protests Fallout | Hillary Still Under Investigation | MSM Reports “Hack Wasn’t Russia”

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Enormous basic lies about vaccination

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Jon Rappoport's Blog

Enormous basic lies about vaccination

by Jon Rappoport

August 16, 2017

I’ve placed these lies in the context of a Q&A:

Q: Let’s say I accept the idea that vaccines create protection against disease. Vaccines create immunity. What’s the problem? Why should I worry? Why should I go outside the mainstream for information?

A: Well, let’s start here. The theory of vaccination states that the shots cause a person’s immune system to swing into action against a particular germ that is placed in the vaccine. This is a “rehearsal” that prepares the immune system to react when the real disease and the real germ come along later. Got that?

Q: Yes. That’s what I’ve been taught.

A: But you see, there is one vaccine (Hepatitis B) that is given to a baby the day it is born. The baby has no immune system of its own. In fact, some researchers…

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Corey Goode FB Update 8-9-17… “Conspiracy is deep, but Things are Popping”

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Kauilapele's Blog

Okay, the title is mine. But I felt it important to “get it out there” for those who may not follow SBA FB. Not in a place to add highlights right now, but may do later.


Sphere Being Alliance FB post
8-9-17 at 5:58am

Update Summary (Full update to come): I have recently had meetings with a highly placed contact. I met him in the FEMA Mass Casualties response course when I was still in the Texas State Guard. He stopped talking to me when I began Cosmic Disclosure. He suddenly contacted me again right after the elections had concluded. He shared a cluster of Intel with me before going dark again… Until now.

I had reported that there were teams of US Special Forces that were conducting “domestic surveillance and investigations” of a Satanic group that had infiltrated all aspects of government agencies and the military. These…

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Dark nights are abandoned in the Era of Awakenings

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Dark nights are abandoned in the Era of Awakenings.

hu-beings release the desire for comfort.

Lifters are inserted into the bosom of humanity.

Inner Freedom is claimed by the Ascendants.

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Medical Intuitive Diagnosis

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Laura Bruno's Blog

Ahhhh, the elusive Diagnosis! That tricky non-entity that drives so many sincere seekers my way. It’s ironic, because from a medical standpoint, I am not legally allowed to provide a diagnosis or “prescribe” treatment. All I can do is read people’s energy, note “dark” or “red” spots, static, blockages, and other aberrations, and share whatever else floats into my brain — be that past lives, herbs for people to investigate, the name of a treatment provider, questions, words or phrases. Sometimes I “see movies” or feel pain; sometimes a map lights up; other times an ignored but crying for attention life path reveals itself. A Medical Intuitive Diagnosis is not the same as a Medical Diagnosis! Not by a long shot. But sometimes, that’s a very good thing indeed.

Traditional Diagnosis Dynamics

As a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury and the former spouse of someone with Advanced and Chronic…

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The New Human Template!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!

the new human... emerging

Well here we are, down to my last day on american soil, well, for the next two weeks anywayz.  I have my tripod packed, my plan is to do some videos and if possible, one or two facebook live events, especially at the Isle of Iona.  I called Verizon and they said they have service in Scotland and for $10 on any given day, I can use my unlimited call, text and data with them too without incurring roaming fees.  So if I want to do an upload or facebook live event, I can!!  Yay!!

I was able to get a reading done on Saturday, granted, only one and she was in Australia, but hey, we will take it and run with it.  So much wonderful information came thru her energy field!!

Of course the field is shifting and re calibrating itself anew, I really feel this is the main…

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