Thoughts on the environment

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Some thoughts on how we are doing things that effect the planet.   Those that are harmful I think we need to find ways of doing things differently.  Look for non harmful ways of living.  Non polluting, and sustainable ways of living.   We can recycle many things that we use.  And there are ways of creating energy that are not polluting and sustainable.  Look into these and use them, as well as create new ways of doing things.  Look for new technologies, create new technologies.


Thoughts on life, funds.

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I have been thinking that it is possible to live with out the use of money.  Think about this, I think in some ways we are doing so by volunteering.  And the societies many years ago lived with out money.  To do so we would do what we like. The farmers would still  grow food.  The doctors would still help us when injured.   Those that like to invent and create things like cars, trucks would still do that.  Those that like to drive and transport things would still do that.  The teachers would still teach.  The artists would still do art.  I think society would look very similar to what it is today.  Just that all would have food, housing, and would be doing what they enjoy.  And maybe things would get done faster.  Say if one wants a house that one would go look at a real estate office to see what is available, and get what suites them.  All would respect each other, and not take what another is using.  This way of living would eliminate the idea of rich and poor, haves and have not’s.    This is just something to think about.  I think it would change the world for the better if we all changed and lived like this.  It would end homelessness, poverty, hunger.  The standards of high quality building, and making things would still be there.   The care and craftsmanship would still be in effect also.  The quality of things might go up, because people would care about how things are made and how long they last.  Think about this in your life.  If you lived like this how would your life be different than what you are living today.  How would the life in your community be different.  How would you implement this way of living where you live?  Are others interested in this also?

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