Distorted Time, Storing Fragments and March Energies!!

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The Shift of Time and Energy!


I am so thankful today concludes February, wow what a crazy, topsy turvy energetic month!! We have been consistently half in the upper planes (mental planes) half in the physical planes, sometimes being sucked up completely into the mental then placed partially back down in the physical, rinse, repeat. Hard to get a handle on anything that way. Hard to even get connected to our lives. Even when we get a small handle on something, new energy is coming in and rearranging our focus anyway. This has been one of the most baffling months of readings I can remember experiencing. First not being able to see for the first 18 days without any physical reason was rough enough. Then we come into see various points of some sub-cycle events that are starting to line up in our (mis)perception of the future and then wham, back into energy intake on a…

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Edge of Wonder 2-26-19… “David Wilcock: ‘Deep State can’t stop the Great Awakening'” [Part 5] (the Grand Finale)

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Kauilapele's Blog

[Kp update: the time point where my own synchronicity with the recent Q post #2903 (BIG BIG BIG HAPPENINGS) occurred, was at 34:44.]

Another remarkable video by Ben and Rob. I was “pulled in” very quickly and feel that many will also be “pulled in” to this message. One item David points out is the 20-year cycle he realized had occurred in his own life, by recently reading his dream data from 20 years ago. It is at 30:08.

MY OWN Synchronicity: At another point (34:44), where David is talking about something “BIG” happening, and being sure to have about 2 weeks of supplies on hand, this Q post (#2903) came through (almost at the same moment I was watching this part of the video), and it says:

[Q #2903] “It’s going to be HISTORIC! Planned long ago. [-21]

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Deep State Can’t Stop the GREAT AWAKENING: David Wilcox – It’s Time to Wake Up!

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Two Simple Steps to Invoking Spiritual Protection

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via Two Simple Steps to Invoking Spiritual Protection

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David Wilcock response to Benjamin Fulford’s 2-25-19 article… “I call BS. Trust the Plan.”

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This David Wilcock comment on Benjamin’s article is important enough for posting right away (very early AM here). Personally, David’s comment on Ben’s post resonates much more with me than Benjamin’s article itself. It’s important to take in all the data that is available, and David has access to quite a bit more that indicates Ben’s information may be off base. So be it.

“I will have to sharply disagree with Ben and his alleged insiders on this one. Remember, folks, Ben passes along information from sources who give it to him, and lets us decide… This new data very much looks like a deliberate, coordinated hit job against the president by people who may have earned Ben’s trust by passing along real information, only to abuse it by disinforming the public at a critical moment through this avenue.

“Never have my sources heard any intel suggesting that Trump bashed…

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Edge of Wonder 2-22-19… “David Wilcock: ‘Alliance Strikes Back Against Deep State'” [Part 4]

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[Kp note: okay, I made a mistake on first posting of this (title contained “Blah Blah Blah”), because I forgot to post the correct title in the title line!!!]

Watched this one yesterday, and it is, as usual, very unveiling about the “weather wars” that have been going on, and how they now have apparently stopped. According to David, The Alliance has taken control of the “weather manipulation” network.

At about 19 minutes, he makes note of the “mysterious” planetary resonance that occurred, and connects it to Q.


Premiered Feb 22, 2019
Has the #DeepState being using weather control devices from organizations such as #HAARP to create earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes? For first time in decades California has been getting unprecedented rain which started right after the #Wildfires.

If geoengineering is true, could the Alliance have taken it over from the Deep State and did they send…

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Cycles of Illumination elevate and complete

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David Wilcock is now LIVE 2-23-19… “Stunning NEW Antarctic SSP Insiders!” (2:30-4:30 HST; 0030-0230 UTC)

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Live right now. Some may wish to tune in. I’m finding it very illuminating (and all that). Note that the start time was delayed 30 minutes as DW was creating some new slides for the presentation.

Key points that DW CG ES have been talking about for several years, have been confirmed by numerous insiders, old and new. And watching this is very much like being at an event with David. And many SSP-disclosure items are connected by him in this presentation. Much of this is BRAND NEW information. He even talks about Q at the end, and presents many points that show that #Q = #Alliance.

[Kp update: This video by Linda Moulton Howe, re: Antarctica SSP Insiders testimony, is what I believe DW is referring to in his live show. Dr. Michael Salla has just released an article about LMW’s video.]

David’s notes are below the video.

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Dr. Dave Janda on x22Report 2-23-19… “Blocks Removed, The [DS] Is In A Panic, They Are About To Be Brought Down”

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This was an excellent overview of what has been (visibly) happening on the planet. Excellent discussion (in my view).


Published on Feb 23, 2019
Today’s Guest: Dr. Dave Janda
Website: Dave Janda, http://davejanda.com
YouTube: Operation Freedom, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-qLG1bdWVrHM-Hu2W73CQ

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